1996 Patriots

The 1996 Jefferson County Patriots became just the third team in program history to reach the state championship game. Names are listed as they appear on the team photo inside the JCHS trophy case. Front row (from left): C. Gilbert, S. Brooks, D. Randolf, J. May, B. Cate, C. Gillis, J. Moffat and S. Roach. Second row (from left): L. Holland, J. Kelly, C. Moles, C. Jones, J. Brimer, P. Ashley, M. Woods and B. James. Third row (from left): J. Davis, C. Bryant, T. Claiborne, J. Bull, J. Bell, J. Cauthen, B. Miller and M. McGaw. Fourth row (from left): J. Cragwall, R. Upton, C. Briggs, B. McAfee, T. Cox, J. Clevenger, J. Anderson, J. Schrader and R. Hodgson. Fifth row (from left): A. Taylor, J. Wiget, J. Turner, P. Leeper, J. Williams, M. Raper, K. Fujiwara and G. Brown. Sixth row (from left): J. Moore, J. Fairbanks, J. Bacon, C. Hutsell, D. Lewis, C. Cox and J. Bull. Seventh row (from left): J. Smith, S. McGill, B. Troutman, J. Quinn, B. Beal, A. Gann, L. James and Z. Reese. Not pictured: A. Riley. - FILE PHOTO

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