Talbott class honors book illustrator Gibson

The fourth grade students at Talbott Elementary School (TES) wrote letters to former Jefferson County High graduate Robert Gibson. He illustrated a book called “Imogen the Word Machine” that the students were reading this year. They all decided with the help of TES teacher Sandra Muncy to write a letter about how they appreciated his art work. Gibson is currently serving as College of Arts and Science Chair at Mississippi University for Women. Pictured in front, from left, are Mollie Dalton, Adelyn Przydelski, and Dae-lyn Murphy. In the second row, from left, are Andrea Jackson, Aydon Dillon, Kendell Seals, Leah Caldrera, Bella Menzel, Mallorie Daniels, Michael Buttry, Brooklyn Gragg, Kassidy Edington, Ezra Ogle, Anna Byrd, Kyla Robinson, Illiyana Gonzalez, and Nadea Williams. In the third row, from left, are Shamira Gomez, Carlayne Bentley, Jeremiah Dickerson, Brooke Johnson, Kipton Goble, Jeffery Howard, Skyla McCullough, Ava Burke, Noah Bramble, and Alexis Darling. In back, from left, are Triston Bohanan, Christopher Williams, Ellie Estes, Dimitri Griffith, Eydie Hurst, Bentley Srock, Victoria Flores, Ryan Morris, Makenzie Tress, and Noah Stone.  – STEVEN LLOYD | THE STANDARD BANNER

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